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Q&A: What’s Ghostwriting?

There was once a marketer. Let’s call him Tom. Tom was pretty good at doing what he did. His online business focused on niche information products and affiliate marketing. Just like any other day, Tom went online to check out one of his blogs and social networking sites. Everything seemed normal. But today was different.

Terribly different…

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How To Get More Done

Your ability to work better, cheaper, and faster with your ghostwriting services provider isn’t difficult. It’s a must. With or without your ghostwriting services provider you’re going to have the same amount of writing projects. You’ll still have tons of active projects and even more in the concept/thinking stage..

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Why Ghostwriting?

The very best Ghostwriters are like the elite Navy SEALS. They are so good and secretive—they will never be acknowledged or divulged by their employers. Are Ghostwriters born writing warriors or merely mortal beings…?

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Effectively Manage the Pain of Shingles—6 Helpful Self-Treatment Techniques

Something wasn’t right.

The devastation of powerful Hurricane Iniki on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai left more than just physical damages from its 200+ mile per hour winds.

Emotional damages also claimed their share of victims.

One of the victims was my Dad.

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3 Micro Outsourcing Services Facts That Should Motivate You to Consider Using Fiverr

“rmbrown3000″, a Fiverr Top Rated Seller did an awesome job. His posted gig read at the top of the opening page : “…Get Up to 4000 LinkedIn Connections From Real People Who Can Add Value To Your LinkedIn Network” was precise and on-time. In fact, his work was done and delivered…actually delivered to the delight his customers.

Yet, for every satisfied customer, there could be more.

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